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2 Places to See Condors in Peru

June 21, 2014|Posted in: Colca Canyon, Peru, Salkantay Trail

condors peru

The Andean Condor is perhaps the most majestic bird in South America. With a wingspan of more than 10 feet across, this national symbol of Peru mates for life and has been known to live to nearly 100 years in captivity. According to the Andean religion, the Andean Condor is believed to be the ruler of the upper world.

To see Andean Condors in Peru, make sure to check out these top two places.

1) Mt. Salkanty. I’ve hiked the trail on Mt. Salktantay twice. Both times, I’ve been lucky enough to spot Andean Condors. The first time was from the shores of Humantay Lake and the second was near the lunch stop on the other side of Salkantay Pass. Since Andean Condors generally inhabit elevations of 16,000 feet, the 15,000-foot Mt. Salktany is a great location to spot them.

2) Colca Canyon. Colca Canyon is the best known location for reliably spotting Andean Condors. You stand on the lip of the canyon, the deepest in the world, while Andean Condors float at eye-level on the thermals rising from below. The best part of seeing Andean Condors at Colca Canyon is how unbelievably close they are.


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