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3 Places to Unplug in Peru + 1 in Bolivia

June 21, 2014|Posted in: Bolivia, Bolivian Salt Flat, El Salar de Uyuni, Peru

3 Places to Unplug

Digital technology is a little like potato chips. There is always room for one more salty, crispy chip. And, there is always one more minute to scan Facebook status updates, check email, or send a text message. If access to technology is available, the pull to “not miss out” is hard to ignore.

Yet, we all know that this unhealthy tether to technology wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies from headaches and “text neck” to dissatisfaction with our lives. Turns out getting away can be the best way to detox from too much digital connectedness.Here are two places to completely unplug and tune into real life (RL).

1) El Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. This otherworldly corner of Bolivia is not only eerily beautiful, but also so remote that you can’t plug in. Once you are on the salt flat or in the desert, there is no cell phone coverage and no WiFi. In fact, we travel with a satellite phone in case of emergency.

2) Inca Trail, Peru. There is no need to pack your devices when you hike the Inca Trail since you won’t be able to use them until you reach Machu Picchu. This gives you a minimum of three whole days of blissful disconnection, more if you are too exhausted to immediately plug in when you return to “civilization.”

If you are not quite ready to completely unplug, consider these two locations that limit your access to the Internet.

1) Amazon Rainforest. You can check your email during a few hours each evening in most eco-lodges. That said, the connection can be so slow that it isn’t worth the hassle of waiting 10 minutes for a single email message to load.

2) Salkantay Trail. The luxury lodges that line the Salkantay Trail boast WiFi access. The connection speed is not too bad at the first lodge. But, it slows considerably at the other lodges and can disappear entirely if the satellite is not cooperating.


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