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5 Places to See Llamas in Peru

November 18, 2014|Posted in: Llama, Peru

Awana Kancha Llamas

Llamas, those weird looking Andean camelids with the long neck and buckteeth, are almost synonymous with Peru. If you haven’t spent time in the company of a llama during your trip to Peru, you’ve missed out on a quintessential experience.

Here are 5 places you can go to make sure you get some quality llama time in.

  1. The streets of CuscoWander through the San Blas neighborhood of Cusco and you’ll be hard pressed not to run into a llama hanging out on the street. Quechua ladies in traditional dress will let you pose with their llama for the price of a sol coin.
  2. Awana Kancha. About a 30-minute drive outside of Cusco, you’ll find Awana Kancha. You can see and pet llamas and their cousins the alpaca here as well as pick up a souvenir sweater or poncho.
  3. Lares llama trek. If you really want to hang out with llamas, take a trek through the Andes with llama companions. You’ll hike through remote communities and camp under the Southern Cross with your llama buddies. Oh…and we’ll throw in a human guide and cook, too!
  4. La Raya. You pass through La Raya on the drive between Puno and Arequipa. There might be more llamas here than in any other place in Peru. The harsh high altitude landscape is dotted with herds of llamas grazing on the sparse grass.
  5. Colca Canyon. Vendors line the road on the way to Cruz del Condor in Colca Canyon. In addition, to alpaca wool blankets and ponchos, you’ll find young girls in traditional dress eking out a living with their llamas. Pay a sol coin to take a picture of you and a llama with the vast green farming terraces in the background.

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