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7 Cool Things to Do in the Amazon Rainforest

June 19, 2014|Posted in: Amazon Rainforest, Peru

7 Cool Things to Do in the Amazon Rainforest

If you are contemplating a trip to Peru this year, you should definitely consider including the Amazon rainforest on your itinerary. The Amazon is often overshadowed by Machu Picchu. But, it is a worthy destination all on its own.

Here are 7 cool things you can do on your vacation in the Amazon.

1. Watch monkeys cavorting in the trees. You’ll need to rise early as much of this cavorting takes place around dawn. The good news is that the howler monkeys will make sure you are awake since they are the roosters of the jungle. In addition to monkeys, keep a look out for brightly colored parrots congregating at natural clay licks, anacondas slithering through the water, and sloths doing what they do best – mostly nothing. These are among the many species that you may encounter on a trip to the Amazon.

2. Get a bird’s eye view from atop a canopy tower. Climbing to the top of a canopy tower allows you to see the jungle the way birds do – from the top down. Bring your binoculars for an up close seat to a spectacular show of birds flitting through the treetops.

3. Play dentist to a piranha. Fish for piranha using a small hunk of raw meat as bait. Check out its sharp teeth, quite big for such a small fish, before you release it back into the lake.

4. Learn about the origin of many of modern day medicines. Visit a garden of medicinal plants to learn about natural remedies that have been used for centuries in the Amazon. You’ll laugh when you see what the natural Viagra plant does.

5. Treat your taste buds to succulent, locally grown, fresh-picked jungle fruit that you won’t find at the market at home. 

6. Enjoy the cool breeze on your face as you travel by motorized canoe. This is a primary means of transportation in the jungle, and it is so much more relaxing than traveling by car. Plus, there is no traffic!

7. Stretch out on a hammock and let the soothing sounds of nature lull you to sleep. Sometimes there is nothing like indulging in the luxury of an afternoon nap. A visit to the Amazon can be a great way to relax before or after your trip to Machu Picchu.


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