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Best Little Known Time to Visit the Galápagos Islands

June 19, 2014|Posted in: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands

Best Little Known Time to Visit the Galápagos Islands

Ask anyone what the best time is to visit the Galápagos Islands and they will tell you there is no bad time to go. There are definitely preferred times, though. And, then there is my little known secret best time to go!

First, let’s start with conventional wisdom. The most popular times to go are over the Christmas holidays and during our summer months of June, July, and August.

If you plan to go during one of these popular times, definitely make your reservation well in advance. For Christmas, well in advance can mean up to a year ahead. For the summer vacation, well in advance can mean up to six to eight months ahead.

One benefit of going to the Galápagos Islands over Christmas is that the ocean is calmer. This makes it a perfect time to go if you suffer from seasickness.

If your schedule is flexible, though, your best bet to go is during shoulder season – September through November and February through April.

The first time I went was in October and the second time was in February. Neither was as crowded as the more popular seasons and the weather was good. There were some rainy days during both trips. But, there were some crystal clear blue-sky days, as well.

Of the two, I prefer February. This is my secret best time to go. The water was warmer than it was in October, which is important because you spend so much time in it – swimming, snorkeling, and diving. And the mosquitoes were not as bad as they get later in the the rainy season (December – May).



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