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5 Places to See Llamas in Peru

Awana Kancha Llamas

Llamas, those weird looking Andean camelids with the long neck and buckteeth, are almost synonymous with Peru. If you haven’t spent time in the company of a llama during your trip to Peru, you’ve missed out on a quintessential experience.

Here are 5 places you can go to make sure you get some quality llama time in. (more…)

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How to Make Friends with Llamas on a Llama Trek


If you are thinking about trekking with llamas through the Peruvian Andes, you might wonder how to avoid being spit on and actually make friends with these curmudgeonly creatures.

Here are two proven ways to become fast friends with your llama companions. (more…)

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Are There Llamas on the Inca Trail?

llamas inca trail

Inca Trail for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful hike and an unforgettable experience. (For a glimpse of my trip, check out my pictures on Facebook.)

On the second day of the hike, we crossed over Dead Woman’s Pass at almost 14,000 feet. At such high altitude, I was relieved that I only had to carry my daypack with water and snacks. Our group had 11 porters who carried our backpacks, food, and tents. (more…)

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Llamas in the Andes of Peru



One of the coolest things to do near Cusco, Peru is to visit the llama farm. About 30 minutes outside of the city of Cusco, the llama farm showcases all four members of the Andean camelid family: llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas. For a small donation, you can feed the animals. The llama farm provides grasses for this purpose. (more…)

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