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Christmas in Peru

June 15, 2014|Posted in: Llama Trekking, Peru

christmas peru

I found myself Friday night in downtown San Francisco amidst a swirl of holiday shoppers bustling from Macy’s to Nordstrom on a search for the perfect gift. Sweaters, toys, and electronics bulged from the festively colored shopping bags. Skaters circled the ice ring constructed just for the holiday season. A giant Christmas tree towered over it all.

Christmas in the Peruvian Andes doesn’t bubble over with the same kind of excess that it does in so much of America. In fact, much of life there is astonishingly difficult. For example, around 90% of the children in one community in Peru’s Sacred Valley walk three hours to school. They do not have breakfast, and most do not have warm clothing to protect them from the harsh climate. The distance between their school and their village makes it impossible for them to go home each night. Consequently, they end up camping and scavenging for food wherever they can.

Living Heart, a nonprofit organization founded by British expatriate Sonia Newhouse, runs a kitchen to provide food for all the children. We support Living Heart during our Lares Llama Trek by bringing healthy food and warm clothing for the children to this project.

Our Lares Llama Trek planned for this December is perfectly timed to help ensure that the children have a little something extra to celebrate this holiday season. I can already imagine the sparkle in their eyes as they realize that we’ve come bearing gifts. It is sure to be a heartwarming experience for everyone. And, isn’t this what the holiday gift-giving tradition is all about?

You can sign up to participate on this trek until December 15!


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