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Inca Trail Know Before You Go Part 1

March 2, 2014|Posted in: Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail Know Before You Go Part 1

The Inca Trail is the most well-known and popular hiking vacation in Peru. If you are considering hiking the Inca Trail, here are six things you absolutely must know before you book your trip.

1) You cannot hike the Inca Trail alone. You must go with a travel company that has been authorized by the Peruvian government to run treks on the Inca Trail. If you try to go alone, you will be turned back at the trailhead.

2) You should book your Inca Trail hike well in advance. Only 500 people are permitted to hike the Inca Trail a day. This number includes support personnel such as guides, cooks, and porters. Precious few spots are available for hikers. So, if you have your heart set on hiking the Inca Trail, I’d recommend booking your trip at least six months in advance.

3) Your trip has nonrefundable costs. As soon as you book your hike, the outfitter must purchase entrance tickets for everyone in your party as well as for the members of their team who will accompany you. If the outfitter delays, they risk not being able to get enough tickets (or any at all) on the days you want to hike. As a result, some of your deposit is nonrefundable regardless of when you cancel your trip. For example, at Llama Expeditions, we charge a $140 nonrefundable fee per person. This money is sent to our associates in Peru to get Inca Trail entrance tickets.

4) You cannot change the date of your Inca Trail hike once the entrance tickets have been purchased. You cannot swap tickets with someone who has tickets for a different, more desirable date. You cannot even take the place of someone who doesn’t show up the day of the hike. (I know. I tried.) Your hiking dates are set in stone.

5) You cannot change your name from the day that you sign up for the trip until you return home without encountering potential problems. The authorities at the trailhead check the name you provided when you signed up against your passport. If the names don’t match EXACTLY, the authorities deny you entrance to the Inca Trail.

6) If you will be a newlywed and plan to change your name, a workaround is to bring your old passport and your new passport. But, honestly, I think it is easier to avoid confusion by waiting until you return home to change your name.

Coming soon are more essential facts about the Inca Trail in Part II.


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