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Inca Trail Know Before You Go Part 3

June 15, 2014|Posted in: Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail Know Before You Go Part 3

Here are the final five essential facts that you should know about the Inca Trail if you are considering hiking it.

1) You need to put rubber tips on your hiking poles; otherwise, you are forbidden to use your hiking poles on the trail. You can buy rubber tips at camping stores in Cusco or from the vendors at the beginning of the trail.

2) It’s worth it to buy a small bag of coca leaves or some muña leaves in Cusco to chew while you are hiking. Take it from me; they really do help you breathe at altitude. Plus, sharing some leaves with your porters can be a great way to make instant friends.Make sure to bring money on the Inca Trail.

3) You’ll need soles or dollars in very good condition (not scrunched or torn) for various things such as tipping your porters and guides, buying Gatorade on the trail, or buying snacks at the snack bar in Machu Picchu. And, you’ll need soles if you want to take a hot shower at the last campsite. By the time you get there, that hot shower will be a luxury you won’t want to pass up!

4) Pack a hot water bottle. It gets quite cold at night, especially during the Andean winter months of June, July, and August. A filled hot water bottle can help you feel toasty in your sleeping bag. I also like to bring the hand and foot warmers used for skiing.

5) Bring toilet paper. Many Peruvians carry toilet paper with them wherever they go because they know it’s not always available when they need it. So do what the locals do. I like to substitute Kleenex packs for a roll of toilet paper. It fits better in my pocket. I also like to bring hand sanitizer for obvious reasons.
And, now that you know the essential facts, I hope you enjoy your adventure on the Inca Trail!


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