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Llamas in the Andes of Peru

June 15, 2014|Posted in: Cusco, Llama, Peru



One of the coolest things to do near Cusco, Peru is to visit the llama farm. About 30 minutes outside of the city of Cusco, the llama farm showcases all four members of the Andean camelid family: llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas. For a small donation, you can feed the animals. The llama farm provides grasses for this purpose.

The farm’s official name is Awana Kancha which means “Palace of the Weaver” in the indigenous language of Quechua. Various communities work with Awana Kancha to present weaving demonstrations at the farm. There is also a dye exhibit. On the way out, you can shop at the store, which is overflowing with various textile products made of the animal’s fur.

I never tire of going to the llama farm. And, neither do the locals who you’d think would have had their fill of llamas. There is something utterly delightful about observing the animals whether they are a couple of males vehemently spitting at each other as they vie for a tourist’s attention or a baby nursing. And, I love being surrounded by llamas that are willing to be petted in exchange for a little alfalfa.

We include a visit to Awana Kancha on every Cusco tour. So even if you won’t be participating in a llama trek in Peru, you will still have an opportunity to hang out with them.


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