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Packing List for the Amazon Rainforest

June 19, 2014|Posted in: Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Packing List for the Amazon Rainforest

Check our packing list below to make sure that you are prepared for your Amazon rainforest holiday.

1) Comfortable clothing made of fabric that wicks moisture away. The Amazon rainforest is steamy. So, clothing made of quick drying, wick-away fabric is a must.

2) Insect repellent . Did I mention mosquitoes love me? I am partial to Jungle Juice. You can pick some up at REI.

3) Rain poncho. The Amazon is a rainforest. So, make sure you are prepared for rain.

4) Waterproof hiking boots and thick socks. If the rainforest floor isn’t too muddy, you can wear hiking boots. If it is really mucky, the lodge where you stay will loan you rubber boots. These boots never fit quite right. So, bring some thick socks to ward off blisters.

5) Teva sandals. Most transportation in the Amazon is via motorized canoe. Sometimes you’ll need to wade into the river to board the canoe. This is where Teva sandals come in handy. They are a lot more comfortable than picking your way over the inevitable rocks that line the riverbed.

6) Sun hat, sun glasses and sun block. The sun in the Amazon can be quite strong. Make sure you bring protection to avoid sunburn.

7) Flashlight or headlamp. I prefer a headlamp, as it leaves my hands free to carry a water bottle or camera. You’ll need a flashlight or headlamp to participate in a night walk through the jungle as well as to find your way back to your room.

8) Bandana. I use my bandana to wipe sweat from my face and neck.

9) Swimsuit. At some rainforest lodges, you can swim in the river. Check with the lodge staff before diving in, though. You don’t want to have an unexpected encounter with a caiman.

10) Light jacket or sweatshirt. It can get surprisingly cool at night. So, pack a light jacket or sweatshirt.

11) Small backpack. Pack your sweatshirt, water bottle, camera, and rain poncho in a small backpack when you are exploring the jungle.

12) Small suitcase. Some lodges are only able to transport small suitcases in their motorized canoes. For an extended trip to Peru, I always bring a small suitcase and a large suitcase. I pack the small suitcase with the items I need for the Amazon and leave the large suitcase in storage.


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